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Most office workers spend a large part of their time sitting. Recently, there have been more studies that show sitting can bring a number of health problems especially those associated with the back. Sitting for prolonged periods puts a huge amount of pressure on one’s hip and spine bones, that the body was not designed to handle.

The positioning of your work station and how you sit can also strain other joints and inhibit better blood circulation in both the back and
limbs. A better solution for these problems is ensuring all workers get the chance to get up and move around throughout the day. However, some jobs really make it hard to avoid long hours of sitting. This is why choosing quality office seating is so important.

How to get the best office chairs

Office chairs form part of any office decor, and thus many people try to ensure that they look good without necessarily being worried about the health influences the chairs might have on who uses them. However, the design or ergonomics of the office chairs must be considered before everything else as
1. Lumbar support
A good office chair must have support for an individual’s lower back. Other better chairs will even possess an adjustable lumbar support that allows one to fit the chair to his or her lower back. This is vital in preventing back strain which can sometimes worsen and become sciatica, a very debilitating condition.
2. Adjust-ability

Most office chairs have an arm and height adjustment. However, these adjustments are not the most important ones to look for when buying an office chair. A perfect office chair has at least 5 adjustments with others going up to 14 different adjustments.
The vital features that must be adjustable include arm width and height, lumbar support, seat and back angle, seat back width and height, and tension control.
Apart from this, many supporters are dial controlled with a few being controlled with hand held bulb pumps which are similar to blood pressure cuff pumps.
3. Wheel base
Almost all office chairs have a wheel base. However, if an office is carpeted, it becomes necessary to shop for chairs with wheels that are specifically designed for carpets. Rolling is vital in strain prevention, especially when reaching across a certain desk to retrieve an item you are out of reach.
4. Swivel base
Purchase office chairs that can swivel freely to provide easy access to the various parts of a desk. If the chairs don’t swivel freely, then arm fatigue can result due to overstretching to reach various items.
5. Fabric
The fabric must be breathable in order to keep the chairs from being hot and uncomfortable after sitting for a long time during work. Also, they chairs must have enough cushion in order to support the user sitting on it without feeling the chair’s base through the cushion.
In conclusion, these are some of the things to look for to get the best office chairs. If you are in need of quality office chairs, then consider shopping them from
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