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Alpha High Back Mesh Chair

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Ascot High Back Designer Mesh Armchair

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Auriga soft pad Corbusier Black Leather reception sofa

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Barcelona Classic Designer Reception Seating

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Barcelona Executive office chair

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Barri Visitor Chair

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Bella Manager Operator Chair

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Beta Medium Back Mesh Chair

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Blast Ergo Extra High Back Executive Office Chair

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Bloom Cafe Reception Breakout polypropolyne chair

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Bloom Cafe Reception Skid Frame Breakout chair

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Bolt Polypropylene Visitor Cafe Meeting Chair

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Breeze Executive Meeting Slimline Mesh Office Chairs

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Rapid Office Furniture are suppliers of a wide selection and range of office chairs to suit every environment and office layout. We have a broad range of office chairs, offers, and styles:

  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Desk Chairs
  • Height Adjustable Office Chair
  • Executive Office Chairs
  • Leather Chairs
  • Mesh Chairs
  • Home Office Chairs
  • Swivel Chairs
  • Boardroom Chairs
  • Chairs with Armrests

We are all spending more and more time behind our desks
 – and in the current climate, even more so with lots of people working from home. That means it’s even more critical to ensure comfort, posture, health, and safety. More studies have recently shown that sitting can bring about several health problems, especially those associated with the back. Sitting for prolonged periods puts a tremendous amount of pressure on one’s hip and spine bones, that the body was not designed to handle.

This is the main reason that we supply a large selection of office and executive office chairs (with some great brands and offers) that have height, depth, armrest, and back height adjustments (including tilt functions) to support your body and improve your posture.

Your workstation’s sitting position and how you sit can also strain other joints and inhibit better blood circulation in both the back and limbs. The best solution is ensuring you get the chance to get up and move around throughout the day. However, time restraints’ and other pressures can make it challenging to avoid long hours of sitting.

We have lots of stylish executive chair designs and styles (and office furniture), with our elegant boardroom chairs that have been designed with form, posture, style, and function in mind that will help make a great first impression for both colleagues and clients.

Reasons why choosing quality office seating is so important and how to get the best office chairs

Office chairs form part of any office decor and design, and thus many people try to ensure that they look good without necessarily being worried about the health influences the chairs might have on who uses them. However, the design or ergonomics of the office chairs must be considered before everything else as follows:

Your Chairs’ Lumbar Support

A good office chair must support an individual’s lower back, and it doesn’t have to be just executive chairs that support your lumbar. Other, better chairs will possess adjustable lumbar support that allows one to fit the chair to their lower back. This is vital in preventing back strain, which can sometimes worsen and become sciatica, a very debilitating condition.

The Adjustability of Your Chair

Most office chairs have an arm and height adjustment as standard. However, these adjustments are not the most important ones to look for when buying an office chair. A perfect office chair has at least five adjustments with others going up to 14 different adjustments. The vital features that must be adjustable include arm width and height, lumbar support, seat, back angle, seat back width and height, and tension control.

Many supporters are dial controlled with a few controlled with handheld bulb pumps similar to blood pressure cuff pumps.

The Chairs Wheel Base

Almost all office chairs have a wheelbase. However, if an office is carpeted, it becomes necessary to shop for chairs with wheels specifically designed for carpets. Rolling is vital in strain prevention, especially when reaching a desk to retrieve an item you are out of reach.

Swivel Chair

Purchase office chairs that can swivel freely to provide easy access to the various parts of a desk. If a chair doesn’t swivel freely, then arm fatigue can become an issue. Swivel chairs also allow you to change position much easier, ensuring you’re comfortable at all times.

The Fabric of Your Chosen Chair

The fabric must be breathable to keep your chair from being hot and uncomfortable after sitting for a long time during work. Your chairs must also have enough cushion to support you sitting on it without feeling the chair’s base through the cushion, causing pain and discomfort.

In conclusion, these are some of the things to look for and consider when purchasing your office chairs. If you need quality office and executive chairs, our office furniture products are second to none – some of our manufacturers even provide free delivery. We are a family run office furniture business. We believe that we have one of the most comprehensive range of chairs available anywhere in the United Kingdom, coupled with our  unmatchable customer service.

Our website is secure, with lots of choice, great prices, value, and designed to make your shopping experience as simple and easy as possible. We have set up an easy to use attributes and filter system, meaning you can sift through our extensive range effortlessly choosing your desired colour and fabric, etc.