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£499.00 + vat

Uno Bespoke Executive Lacquered reception desk

£2,750.00 + vat

Valde Curved shaped Reception Desk counter

From: Original price was: £5,129.00.Current price is: £3,108.00. + vat

Valde Horse shoe Reception Desk counter

From: Original price was: £8,599.00.Current price is: £4,720.00. + vat

Valde L shaped – Corner and Curved Reception Desk counter

From: Original price was: £7,599.00.Current price is: £3,995.00. + vat

White gloss reception desk counter

From only: £815.00
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Zig Zag Rectangular Reception desk counter

From: Original price was: £4,995.00.Current price is: £3,350.00. + vat

Zion Pro Single Reception Desk

From: £1,199.00 + vat

X-Range Modular Rectangular Reception Desk Counter

From: £392.00 + vat

DAMS Welcome Reception Desk

From: Original price was: £734.00.Current price is: £510.00. + vat

X – range Modular Reception Desk Counter

From: £0.00

Zion Corner Reception Desk Counter

From: £1,649.00 + vat

Zion Multi Person Office Reception Desk Counter

From: £2,399.00 + vat

TCS Zion Double Front Reception Desk with Central low Section

From: £1,395.00 + vat

Visage Reception Desk Counter

From: £999.00 + vat

Your reception furniture and reception desk is the first thing that people see when they enter your business premise. Since everyone wants to create the best impression, it is important to choose the right reception desk or reception counter. However, there are numerous factors you need to consider when designing a new reception desk. Your business reception area is among the places where a lot of greeting and meeting takes place and first impressions count. Ensure that you make this particular area very inviting to all existing and potential customers as possible. Below are some factors to consider before purchasing a reception desk  for your business premise:

Available space:

When shopping for these desks, ensure you consider the space within the reception area and how best space can be utilized. First of all, decide on the location and space designated for the desk. If you purchase too small reception desks, then the work space will look cluttered.

The customer experience:

When buying reception desks for your premises, you need to consider the various aspects you need to accommodate for. This is because the requirements may
vary depending on what kind of business you own or with to start. If the area is ever busy, you may opt for surface space required for perhaps filling out any
paperwork or even a separate payment area.

The style:

One of the best ideas for updating a reception area is getting the chance to draw up some new designs and also play with different styles and looks. If your office reception area has some furniture pieces you want to keep, it is recommended that you keep similar designs of reception desks close to the designs you already have. There are a variety of different colors and material to choose from. If you have any color of interest that represents your business, you should incorporate it into the design.

The shape:

In most cases, these desks come in different sizes from where you can the appropriate one that suits the needs of both your receptionists and your guests.

Single surface reception desks:

These desks are normally designed to have a single writing surface for both the receptionist and guests to write on. They can be curved or straight and majorly come in different sizes and that suit one of more receptionists in the waiting area.

L shaped  reception desks:

They include the main desk and a return which offers the receptionist an additional space to work.

Curved reception desks:

They have a circular or curved appearance. They are best suited for huge waiting rooms where they act as a center of attention.

They can be made DDA compliant in order to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

In conclusion, consider the above-mentioned factors before purchasing reception desks. Do not be worried about where to get quality and affordable reception desks because Rapid Office Furniture Company has all types that suit your business needs.