What are desk dividers and why desk dividers for your office are essential

Desk dividersOpen plan offices spaces have never been so popular. Office cubicles are a thing of the past. These created isolated, closed, dark areas for employees which decreased collaborative working. But, with open plan offices becoming more popular, the importance of separation and privacy has returned. It’s all about finding a middle-ground which is where desk dividers or office screens come into play.

What are desk dividers called?

So there are many names for desk dividers. Office screens, desk divider screens, office desk screens, privacy screens etc. There’s no correct answer to the question. Essentially they all serve the same purpose; they separate and divide desks to create privacy and define personal working space.

Creating privacy with desk screens

So, your employees have a big workload and need to concentrate to get through the days todo list? Offices can be chaotic and paper heavy environments. With this in mind, desk dividers helps separate and create personal workspace for your employees to focus and get on with their work.

Reinforce branding with desk dividers

Company colours are essential to your office design. With this in mind, you can incorporate your corporate colours into your office dividers. Our office screens are available in a range of fabric colours, shapes and styles to help you portray your company brand throughout your office.

Defining office departments

Not only is it important to create separation between employees by using dividers, they’re also great for defining departments. Boxing in your employees by spreading departments between rooms isn’t ideal. However it’s still important to separate departments so your employees can collaborate with colleagues who share the same goals.


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