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Back to Back White Bench Desk + Screen + Drawers

From: £499.00 + vat

Buronomic Astro Rectangle Desk – Cable Ports

From: £250.00 + vat

Buronomic Astrolite Bench Desks with Height Adjustable Legs

From: £270.00 + vat

Buronomic Dialogue 2 Person Back to Back Starter Desk with Cable Access Hatch

From: £665.00 + vat

Buronomic Dialogue Straight Desks with cable ports

From: £400.00 + vat

Buronomic Envol: Height Adjustable Single Desk

From: £670.00 + vat

Buronomic Essential Height Settable Desks

From: £260.00 + vat

Buronomic Retro 90° compact desks with Cantilever legs and curved base

From: £325.00 + vat

Buronomic Retro 90° compact desks with Panel Legs

From: £275.00 + vat

Buronomic Retro Straight Desks with cantilever legs and curved base

From: £230.00 + vat

Buronomic Retro Straight Desks with Panel Legs

From: £180.00 + vat

Contrax Office Desks

From: £158.00 + vat


From: £645.00 + vat

Geneva Office Bench Desk

Geneva Rectangular Executive Office Desk

From: £549.00 + vat

Rapid’s collection of office desks range from standard desks to high-end executive desks and office bench desks suitable for your workspace. We also have a wide range of reception desks and home office desks available. Our extensive range of office desks are made to the highest standards to stand the test of time and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, including beech, oak, walnut and white. We not only offer stand-alone single desks, we also offer new style bench desks which are grouped together to make large work surfaces for teams to use. Our bench desks also include desk divider screens to create privacy for employees. If you’re looking for modern office desks for an contemporary workspace or you need something more conventional for a traditional office style, Rapid Office Furniture can help. We also have a range of executive desks and L shape Desks to suite any manager or executive workspace. Take a look through our desks and get in touch if you need help finding any office furniture which you can’t find on our website.

Office desks are an integral part of office furniture. They fall into the category of tables. The majority of tables are used for writing and reading. However, the desk for your office has several uses. Apart from reading and writing, you can use office desks as a work space for computers and  laptops,  fax machines and printers as well.
An office desk is incomplete without drawers. You can keep important documents, stationery, and supplies in the drawers. They are available with one or more drawers. You can choose the one that fits your needs.
There are several things that make an office desk the best furniture. The following are some of the most important features that you should consider when choosing office desks:
If you are investing money to buy office desks, it’s obvious that you want to use them for a long period of time. Therefore, strength is an important thing that you should consider when buying desks for your office. Moreover, the strength also allows the furniture to withstand  weight. Since desks serve as an apt place to keep heavy equipment such as printers, computers, and fax machines, you cannot compromise on the strength of the desks. If you pick a low quality desk, it is more likely to fall into pieces in few months. If this happens, it might cause damage to all the other expensive equipment on the office table.


It is a common practice that we select a design before finalizing the quality. Therefore, first, you should check the durability and strength and then the design.
Once you have finalized the quality, its time to select the design. While roaming around the market, you will come across several enticing designs. However, before making your decision, you need to check whether the design would complement your office décor or not. There is no point in getting incredibly designed office desks that don’t match the interiors of your office.


You might be looking for multi-purpose office desks, but it doesn’t mean that you should buy an oversized desk. You can use the desk in several ways.
An ideal office needs to be airy and spacious to create a sense of liberty. You need to have a refreshing ambiance so that you can enjoy and concentrate on your work.

Lockable Drawers:

Drawers and office pedestals cannot be ignored when buying office desks because drawers are used to keep confidential documents and office stationery. Nobody wants to lose documents  and lockable drawers ensure that your documents are safe and secure.

Office desks are an important piece of office furniture. After all, the office desk is where you will conduct the majority of your work and where you will keep all of your important papers and documents. Therefore, decided on office desks for your office is very important. here at Rapid Office Furniture you will find a large variety of office desks to choose from. You will find many different styles so that you can choose the ones that are perfect for your business.